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Project leader

It would be good to have the advanced view ! Mandatory !

prime numbers rule

Ive a proof for the riemann hypothesis, but unfortunately its a little too long to fit in this review page. off for a bungee jump will tell the world just after!

cant install token

got an email with this xxx.sdtid file attached. When clicking it it always opens a viewer. RSA SecurID Software in installed but wont open. When tap and hold it displays RSA SecurID but when selecting this nothing hapens. Using iPhone 3GS and IOS 6 software is not useable!

No rotation....

Please fix this in the next patch. I need to put my device upside down when entering the pass code and reading the token. The app doesnt rotate, so the usage if the app is now very cumbersome! Besides please add TouchID to store pin

RSA SecureID

Finally !!!!! Thank you, thank you !!!!


Finally, we can have RSA app on iPhone Great news!

It works

Dont need the RSA IE tool bar anymore. It works.

Great app

Work really well and really easy to use!

Great App

Very useful

Okay app... Needs to be updated!

The app works but it needs to be updated. It randomly crashes in iOS 7.

Needs support for multiple tokens

This works fine for a single token, but since it only supports one token per device, its of limited usefulness.


Steve Martin calls software updates that decrease functionality "deprovements". For me, this is a deprovement. Landscape mode has been removed, which is a hassle for me. Why do that? Also, you have to click a button after entering your four-digit token. Why? It means five taps instead of four. Poor design.

Landscape mode gone?!

Use this every day with my iPad, a huge pain that landscape mode was removed. Wish I knew this prior, I wouldnt have upgraded...

Wheres the flick gesture?

Ok. It does what it does, but it could be so much better. RSA, Instead of a pin how about swipe motioning or touchId to enter my passcode? Let me flick the authentication token to my Mac or BT enabled device.

No IPhone 6 and no Touch ID support

It still hasnt been released to natively support iPhone 6 or Touch ID on the device.

Handy replacement for the fob

I replaced my fob, which I kept forgetting everywhere, with this. It works well. It would be better if this app used iphone notifications or the lock page so that the passcode would be more accessible. Having to unlock my phone and then find and open the app several times throughout my work day can be annoying.

Nice app but...

Only reason Id give a 4 star is because in waiting for an Apple Watch version.

Needs lock screen and Apple Watch support

App is convenient, but no more than the desktop application once you factor in having to unlock iphone and find the app... It really needs to have lock screen option, or better yet, APPLE WATCH SUPPORT! I want to be able to glance at my phone (or look at watch) and see the RSA code wtihout too much hassle. Fobs were way more convenient for that reason as you didnt have to unlock or open anything - just glance at the display. Unless you use the RSA passcode on your iDevice, this app isnt really worth the download. Just get the desktop application and keep it open in the background.

Outdated App

It sucks we were put up to use this outdated app. No iPhone 6 support and no Touch ID support. Too bad we have no other choices.


Finally supports iPhone 6/Plus resolutions (after 2 years).

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